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1. My daughter and I finally got to chase some tornadoes, and saw no less than 7 in the Seibert, Colorado area on Memorial Day. It is amazing to see the power as they danced across the open fields (no damage and no one hurt).

2. BUFFIE'S BEST visited Pearl Harbor and the Pacific Air Museum located on Ford Island. Definitely a place to visit if you are interested in history and aviation. Buffie's Best will help the museum source parts for their original Nakajima B5N2 Kate torpedo plane.

3. BUFFIE'S BEST has branched out of our area of interest to include aircraft and railroad photos. Many of our customers have asked to make these photos available for advertising purposes (AMTRAK, BNSF, Union Pacific) or simply as photo-to-wall hangings (16x24).

Our railroad photos are posted on a train site called Railpictures and can be found here:
There are currently over 1,740 photos that have received 2.6 million views collectively. If you see a photo that you would like to use for advertisements, illustrations, or even just as a decorative wall hanging, please contact us at buffiesbest@comcast.net. A sampling of some of the shots are included here. More photos are coming soon in our NEW "BUFFIES'S BEST Railroad Photos" section of our web site.


4. BUFFIE'S BEST compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows 10. It has come to our attention that the auto load feature on the Restorations Illustrated CDs is not compatible with the latest windows platforms. Unfortunately, we will not be updating the CDs to integrate this compatibility. However, you can still view all the photos and interviews using the navigation feature: right-click and explore individual files on the CD.
5. BUFFIE'S BEST continues to gather materials for other CD volumes and hopes to be able to issue the CD on the A6M3 Zero. The collection of reference materials took a turn for the complicated when the project was transferred to Legends Flyers in Everett, Washington. Being that BUFFIE'S BEST is based on Colorado, the ability to take copious photos of the final steps of this restoration has proved challenging. We do however have over 3,500 photos taken up to the time when the Zero was relocated so there may be enough interest in those photos to warrant a "volume1."

BUFFIE'S BEST continues to assist the Legends team where possible with historic information and reference data on systems of the Japanese Zero. Please visit the Legends Flyers web site to see their amazing progress on the restoration of this rare aircraft.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Legen-Flyers/255443124472131