About Buffie's Models

Welcome to my world of miniatures. On this page you will find models divided into the following categories:
  • Aircraft
  • Armor
  • Automotive
  • Dioramas
  • Figures
  • Ships
  • Space / Science Fiction
  • Miscellaneous

On each page there will be a small write up about the model used (if not scratch built) and some tips and techniques that were used or devised to complete the miniature. There will also be pictures, some of which are higher quality that others. I will eventually (with my new digital camera) be able to exchange the lesser quality photos with new ones.

As you will see, I like to build these models with as much detail as I can (hence all the photos now being incorporated into the Restorations Illustrated CDs), and will typically finish one or two per year. I work on the projects as a way to relax so I am in no hurry to finish. The USS Texas was built completely from scratch using resins, plastic stock and brass and took 2 full years to complete. On other projects such as the 1/72 scale Dinah III, it may take three months just to built a miniature engine with over 400 parts that's about the size of a dime.

I like to challenge myself with a variety of subjects, in order to try to master the techniques in each discipline. Gloss finishes on automotive subjects, flawless construction, realistic weathering of armored pieces, symmetry of ship models, the composition of a diorama and the subtle techniques of shading figures with oil paints are all challenges that I desire to undertake.

Whether you have the drive to correct a mistake on a model and repaint or remake the part, or if you simply finish the piece and take the lessons learned onward to the next subject, the more you experiment and learn, the better you will become. Enjoy the show!